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Furniture and storage

Furniture and storage

There are 139 products.

A timeless industrial collection, for warm and modern interiors. Discover our original furniture and storage at tight prices all year round. Real success at a low price for the industrial style, the marriage of natural wood and metal.

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    empire wooden secretary chest

    This charming Empire chest of drawers in mahogany wood will find its place in any room: your hallway, living room or bedroom. This chest of drawers is made of Empire style mahogany wood, very functional with its many storage spaces made up of niches and drawers. This classic model is equipped with a tablet with a green leather pad. This Empire chest of...

    1 249,17 €
  • small industrial console

    Small industrial console in red and white with an aged effect for interior design fans! Perfect for anyone who wants a loft atmosphere. (75x68x35)

    160,00 €
  • industrial locker

    This industrial chiffonier has a large number of drawers, ideal for storing everything you want! Available in natural, slate, iron gray and blue, it will bring charm to your home.Dimensions (H 122 cm x W 75 cm x depth 33 cm)

    482,50 €
  • industrial jam maker

    Fall for this pretty industrial jam maker in iron and MDF! Its natural and aged effect blue color gives it a pleasant natural style. Size (138x48x32)

    392,33 €
  • Glacière aviateurGlacière aviateur
    Out of stock
    aviator cooler box

    1 207,50 €
  • One door cabinetOne door cabinet
    Out of stock
    one door cabinet

    This one-door wardrobe created from natural and aged recycled wood gives a warm feel to your interior. It fits both in a vintage atmosphere and in an industrial style. (dimensions in cm: 201x70x45)

    832,50 €
  • 12-drawer sideboard base

    This 12-drawer low sideboard is much appreciated by the most pragmatic! Aged recycled wood is natural, creates a guaranteed vintage atmosphere! (90x167x47)

    797,50 €
  • small wooden bookcase with ladder

    Dimensions: H 230 cm x Depth 45 cm x W 110 cm Weight: 60 kg Material: Recycled wood Type of wood: Pine closed is practical for storing dishes, administrative documents, etc.

    1 074,17 €
  • rustic wooden sideboard bottom

    The classic chic shape of this sideboard base is timeless. Made with aged natural recycled wood, for a finish where the charm of the wood grain comes out wonderfully. Dimensions: L 170 cm x W 50 cm x H 90 cm.

    859,00 €
  • mixed buffet bottom

    A mixed buffet base to satisfy your desires and your needs! 8 drawers are available for the most pragmatic. Its aged natural recycled wood charms lovers of industrial decor. Dimensions in cm (90x190x50)

    1 315,83 €
  • cottage tv cabinet

    Authenticity and style for this low cottage TV cabinet. With its 3 drawers and lower shelf, this model offers plenty of storage. Its shell handles give it a precious and elegant touch. Made of aged natural wood and black hammered iron, it can accommodate large TV screens without any problem. Dimensions: (45x140x45cm)

    790,83 €
  • alphabet natural wood sideboard

    For storage in a classic and playful style, this high-quality wooden alphabet sideboard is made of natural wood. These letter drawers offer plenty of storage of all sizes. You can complete your decoration with the chest of drawers from the same range. This model is ideal in a bedroom, an office, a kitchen or in a dining room. Dimensions: (85x140x50)

    665,83 €
  • industrial cage shelf

    This superb industrial cage shelf in wood and iron is ideal for giving an ultra-trendy feel to your interior! Its industrial side is enhanced by black iron and its rustic side by wood. It will be the centerpiece if your interior combines old style and industrial workshop spirit. Discover the other models in the cage collection: the coffee table, the side...

    624,17 €
  • proust office cabinet with two-tone ...

    Elegance and refinement for this two-tone multi-drawer Proust office unit offering a multitude of possibilities for storing your documents. Ideal for a classic chic office atmosphere. Dimensions: L 63 cm x W 40 cm x H 130 cm

    607,50 €
  • cottage industrial console

    Authentic atmosphere for this cottage industrial console. This console table is made of aged natural wood and black hammered iron. These 3 drawers are equipped with shell handles which give a refined style to this imposing piece of furniture. Dimensions: (80x160x45)

    982,50 €
  • low wooden clayton sideboard

    Clayton low sideboard in aged wood will fit perfectly into your living room or dining room. With its 3 drawers with bell handles and display cases on each side, this piece of furniture offers you storage possibilities. Diensions: L 160 cm x depth 50 cm x H 81 cm Weight: 51 kg

    1 065,83 €
  • industrial wheeled trolley

    The industrial trolley on wheels is the perfect combination of past and present with its vintage look revisited in an industrial version thanks to the aged black iron inserts. This cart, sideboard or trolley is extremely versatile as it fits in any room in your home. Dimensions: (82x120x50)

    1 224,17 €
  • washington glazed bookcase

    The wooden glazed Washington bookcase will give style and elegance to your interior. Made of wood ---------- this showcase bookcase is the success of the season. Dimensions: H 240cm x W 167cm x 48cm. Weight: 120 kg

    1 749,17 €
  • industrial cabinet

    This superb cabinet with impressive dimensions will amaze you. Made of recycled and aged pine wood with doors mounted on rails revealing 6 large drawers, multiple shelves and storage are also available on each side. Both design and industrial style, this model of large wardrobe which can also be used as a bookcase will not leave anyone indifferent....

    3 749,17 €
  • atelier sideboard in wood and metal

    The nugget of the moment: the Atelier sideboard in wood and metal will make a statement in your living room. Made of wood and with its sliding metal doors on rails, this sideboard model is magnificent. The industrial style of this model remains a timeless decoration. Dimensions: 76cm x 165cm x 50cm . Weight: 40 kg

    1 415,83 €
  • Bibliothèque AtelierBibliothèque Atelier
    Out of stock
    library workshop

    Suberbissime this Atelier bookcase with multiple wooden compartments, to optimize the storage of your books or binders. Equipped with 6 low drawers, this model will appeal to organization maniacs. Its black metal structure with its bell handles reinforce its industrial style which will easily find its place in your living room, office or even in kitchen...

    1 324,17 €
  • industrial library with murray ladder
    JPMB21 - JOL62430

    The enhancement of an interior with this Industrial Bookcase with Murray Ladder for fans of industrial style. The judicious contrast of recycled wood and iron is particularly successful. Its drawers will allow you to store and the shelves are the ideal support to accommodate and classify your best novels. Dimensions: (Height 243cm x Length 160cm x Width...

    2 040,83 €
  • Armoire style frigoArmoire style frigo
    Out of stock
    fridge style cabinet

    Want a wardrobe with character and trends? Choose the wooden fridge-style cabinet with its metal closures for a style revisited in a more contemporary version. This wooden wardrobe will give character to your room. Dimensions: 200cm x 125cm x 45cm. Weight: 72 kg

    1 499,17 €
  • industrial wall shelf

    The industrial wall shelf on wheels is very practical to move from one room to another. Dimensions: 150cm x 50cm x 30cm. Weight: 33 kg

    665,83 €
  • tv cabinet glasgow

    This Glasgow TV cabinet in pure industrial style in metal and wood is equipped with 4 castors. Practical and super stylish, this low TV cabinet allows you to store all television devices and accessories. Dimensions: 58cm x 80cm x 44cm. Weight: 52 kg

    1 165,83 €
  • Comptoir de bar décaléComptoir de bar décalé
    Out of stock
    quirky bar counter

    This quirky bar counter fashioned with a mixture of recycled wood and its granite top will delight your customers. The cubic style refers to the 50s style. At the back you will find cupboards closed by 4 doors. A pretty opulent bar model that is both original and rare. Dimensions: L 200 cm X DEEP 70 cm X H 95 cm Weight: 140 kg

    2 165,83 €
  • Bibliothèque industrielle avec échelleBibliothèque industrielle avec échelle
    Out of stock
    hill industrial shelf with ladder

    The charm of yesteryear for a more modern look! This Hill industrial shelf with ladder allows a vintage style revisited in an industrial way. This beautiful shelf is made of recycled natural wood. As for the structure and the scale, they are made of iron, in a vintage way. Dimensions (Height 243 cm x width 86 cm x depth 45 cm)

    1 165,83 €
  • industrial workshop sideboard

    A revisited version of the Atelier indsutriel sideboard in aged natural wood with its sliding charcoal black metal door as it is mounted on rails for an original touch that will seduce you. Its shelves and drawer compartments allow you to store a multitude of objects, whether for a living room, a kitchen or an office. The industrial style of this piece of...

    1 415,83 €
  • retro wooden sideboard

    This sumptuous retro wooden sideboard with its black metal legs will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Composed of 4 large trompe l'oeil drawers in a multi-locker style and 2 shelves, this model in pine and metal with shell handles is super functional. Its 4 black metal feet give a Scandinavian touch to this piece of furniture. Several...

    1 082,50 €
  • low retro wooden sideboard

    This low retro wooden sideboard with its black metal legs will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Composed of 2 drawers and 2 trompe l'oeil niches in a multi-locker style, this model in pine and metal with label storage handles is super functional. Its 4 black metal feet give a Scandinavian touch to this piece of furniture. Several functions...

    1 082,50 €
  • cleveland wooden sideboard

    This Cleveland wooden sideboard with its glass doors and closures that look like old windows is full of character. This rather imposing sideboard with its generous dimensions will give character to your dining room. Dimensions: 60cm x 200cm x 55cm Weight: 62kg

    1 249,17 €
  • industrial buffet cabinet

    This undeniably charming recycled wood industrial buffet cabinet is made of natural pine. A look that is both contemporary and classic with its door that slides on its metal rail and its 4 drawers that allow you to store all your accessories. This super versatile model can also be used as a bar counter.Dimensions: L100 cm X depth 50 cm X H 106 cm

    940,83 €

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