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An industrial decoration to sublimate an interior, or to arrange a store? Discover our conception of the industrial spirit with storage units, bar counters or display units diverted from their original use to make them real objects of desire in your dining room. A unique interior for demanding customers.

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  • Fauteuil de barbier
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    barber chair

    The reclining cast iron and leather barber chair is a reissue of the model of yesteryear, announcing its current success. To be completed with accessories from our Collection of diverted objects and furniture.

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  • round industrial coffee table in ...

    Back to basics with this refined model of round industrial coffee table in natural wood and black iron. Sober lines with refined materials for an industrial look, ideal in your loft or living room. Its double tray allows you to place trays, glasses and bottles for a convivial dinner aperitif. Dimensions: Diameter 65 cm x H 35 cm

    249,17 €
  • Tableau en relief MotorcyclesTableau en relief Motorcycles
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    embossed painting motorcycles

    A relief painting Motorcycles in wood and metal in a biker spirit or simply as a bar decoration. The structure is in wood with a metal embossed motorcycle front. The blue and red gradients give a dynamic and stylish rendering. Discover our selection of original paintings in relief, wood, metal.... Dimensions: W 60cm x H 90cm

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  • Tableau Shopper 4Tableau Shopper 4
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    indian embossed motorcycle chart

    Dare to crack with this INDIAN embossed motorcycle painting to bring the "Biker" touch to your interior. This painting with shades of ocher and yellow will bring a vintage touch to your living room. As a wall decoration or to be placed on a console, this relief painting model brings out all the beauty of this superb legendary motorcycle. Our other...

    249,17 €
  • vintage brown aviator office chair

    You dreamed it, moncontainer did it: the sublime vintage brown aviator desk chair! A unique look for a swivel, height-adjustable office chair with wheels that allows you to work comfortably at your desk. The structure is covered with riveted aluminum plate and its seat in vintage brown microfiber. To be discovered in black imitation leather or vintage...

    665,83 €
  • Ilot de cuisine en boisIlot de cuisine en bois
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    wooden kitchen island

    A masterful wooden kitchen island to take pride of place in the middle of your room. This recycled natural pine wood furniture is ideal as an island and can be diverted for a use requiring a large amount of work (sewing, drawings, plans) or quite simply for a workshop. With its 8 drawers with bell handles, its 8 lockers and its low shelf, you will benefit...

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  • harlem industrial dining table

    This Industrial Harlem Dining Table offers a rather country feel revisited. Thanks to its iron legs, it gives an authentic and industrial spirit to your interior. The industrial dining table with its aged natural wood top and its crossed legs in black hammered iron, will give your room an opulent look. Dimensions: (78x200x101cm)

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  • industrial cabinet on wheels

    Opt for an original piece of furniture with this industrial cabinet on wheels in metal and wood. Equipped with 4 shelves, this cabinet offers all the necessary storage space. Its charcoal gray color will seduce the biggest fans of industrial style decor. Dimensions in cm (191x136x57)

    1 915,83 €
  • front of red vespa

    A life-size vespa decoration: the red vespa front in the style of the 60s. Italian red for a retro atmosphere with this decorative model to be fixed to the wall. also available in black, yellow or zinc... Dimensions: L 70 CL X DEEP 75 CM X H 106 CM

    1 332,50 €
  • front decoration of black vespa

    A life-size vespa decoration: the red vespa front in a 60s style. Italian black for a retro atmosphere with this decorative model to be fixed to the wall. also available in black, yellow or zinc... Dimensions: L 70 CL X DEEP 75 CM X H 106 CM

    1 332,50 €
  • Red Vespa lampRed Vespa lamp
    red vespa lamp

    The red vespa lamp honors the yéyés years, with its retro style. This table lamp is made of metal and red lacquered paint. Its spot integrated into the handlebar is adjustable and will be perfect as a table lamp on a desk, bedside lamp or auxiliary lamp. Placed in your entrance or living room, this model of lamp can be matched with a whole host of...

    174,17 €
  • 3-blade aircraft propeller

    Decorative airplane propeller in pure vintage style in iron and wood. This large metal aeronautical decoration is fixed to the wall.Length: 116 Volume: 0 Depth: 30 Material: Iron + wood

    999,17 €
  • display cabinet with 12 drawers

    The industrial spirit for this 12-drawer wooden display cabinet. The subtle marriage of metal and mango wood with its drawers with bell-shaped handles make this model a best-seller in the Industrial Collection. Perfect in your store or on a sales counter, this showcase with rounded legs is absolutely irresistible. To be completed with storage units from...

    3 107,50 €
  • industrial bar counter

    The industrial spirit accompanies you in your establishment with this industrial bar counter in metal and wood with rounded corners. The bar top is made of natural wood and the back of the bar includes a drawer and 2 shelves to store your glasses, bottles and accessories as desired. This industrial counter model is ideal for your business or reception...

    1 899,17 €
  • industrial wooden bar counter on wheels

    This industrial wooden bar counter on wheels with its period charm will seduce more than one. Its 2 shelves and offset tray on the back side can store all your glasses and bottles. On the front, the corners and outline of the bar are in studded metal. Its 4 wheels allow easy movement of this piece of furniture. The inscription "INDUSTRIEL" reinforces the...

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  • industrial wine cellar

    Are you looking for an industrial-style wine cellar? This one is made for you! With its 5 drawers of 4 compartments and its cupboard, you can display and store your prettiest bottles in your living room or dining room.Dimensions: Height 177 cm x Depth 44 cm x Width 67 cm

    1 565,83 €
  • large industrial coffee table

    This large industrial coffee table is very practical thanks to its wheels! You can change the decor and layout of your living room easily! Its tray allows you to store a large number of accessories for your aperitifs with friends!Dimensions: Height 40 cm x Depth 60 cm x Width 110 cm

    607,50 €
  • industrial bar with two shelves

    This superb industrial bar with two shelves is ideal for café, bar, restaurant type structures. It will give elegance and frame to your establishment. Dimensions: Height 110 cm x Depth 70 cm x Width 300 cm

    4 041,67 €
  • pair of nesting tables

    This pair of nesting tables will go perfectly well in an industrial kitchen or even in your entrance hall. This pair of nesting tables goes with the industrial style as chic and romantic. Dimensions: H 87 cm x depth 41.39 cm x W 97 cm

    207,50 €
  • motorcycle painting in metal and relief

    The motorcycle painting in relief and metal to impress your biker friends. Like a work of art for your Loft. This painting in relief brings out the shape of this superb motorcycle in red and ocher hues. Hang on the wall or place on a console to admire all the details of this beautiful decorative object. Also discover all our other relief paintings...

    249,17 €
  • industrial buffet cabinet

    This undeniably charming recycled wood industrial buffet cabinet is made of natural pine. A look that is both contemporary and classic with its door that slides on its metal rail and its 4 drawers that allow you to store all your accessories. This super versatile model can also be used as a bar counter.Dimensions: L100 cm X depth 50 cm X H 106 cm

    940,83 €
  • set of 2 gray metal stools

    SECONDE VIE rated 5/5 for this set of 2 gray metal bar stools. Industrial style and design for this epoxy metal bar stool model - Delivered assembled -Dimensions: W 47 x D 47 x H 75.5 cm.

    82,50 €
  • natural wood bar counter

    Are you dreaming of creating your own bar area? This natural wood bar counter will satisfy all your desires for conviviality. This large counter in aged natural wood is equipped with multiple storage spaces: drawers, niches and cupboards, which will allow you to store all your glasses, bottles and bar accessories. This model is also ideal as a cash...

    1 582,50 €
  • industrial dining table

    This large industrial dining table is absolutely sublime, it adds a retro-vintage look to your interior. It's hammered black metal with chunky studs to reinforce the aged industrial style. Ideal in your kitchen or as an office. You can match it with designer chairs or the bench from the same collection. Dimensions: (75x180x90)

    832,50 €
  • chesterfield sofa cube aviator 2 ...

    We absolutely love the 2-seater aviator cube chesterfield sofa in black leather. In aviator version with its riveted aluminum plates for a style that is both classic and aeronautical. The opulent and imposing shape of this sofa model leaves no one indifferent. Also available in giant 3-seater format or complete with footrest. In genuine cowhide leather 1...

    3 249,17 €
  • brixton crank industrial table leg

    This Brixton industrial table leg with crank will allow you to adjust the height of your table top according to your expectations: in standard height for a dining table, in high bar height for a convivial side. You have the choice of the top: square, round, rectangular... and in the material of your choice: wooden top or glass top.... The foot is in black...

    1 499,17 €
  • Fauteuil de bureau aviateur noireFauteuil de bureau aviateur noire
    black aviator office chair

    You dreamed of it, moncontainer did it: the sublime black office chair! A unique look for a swivel, height-adjustable office chair with wheels that allows you to work comfortably at your desk. The structure is covered with riveted aluminum plate and its seat in black imitation leather. To discover in black or in vintage brown microfiber and to match with...

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  • crank industrial table leg

    This black cast iron industrial crank table leg will allow you to adjust the height of your table top as desired. Ideal as a standard table or as a high bar version, you can choose the top you want: square wooden top or glass top.... The foot is in black cast iron. Total dimensions: L 152 cm x W 61 cm x H 70 to 96 cm under top. Center distance 137 cm

    1 332,50 €

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